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Wildlife Sightings May 1-7

The Songbird and Warbler migrants are starting to trickle in! During the beginning of May we’ve seen some welcome additions to our birding list:

-Rose-breasted Grosbeak

-Baltimore Oriole

-Palm Warbler

-Yellow-throated Sparrow

-Yellow Warbler

-Barn Swallow

And more! These next few weeks will be a good time to visit if you’re local and looking to see those songbirds and warblers! There have also been sightings of Summer Tanager and Avocet in vicinity of the Marsh, so we’ll have to see what makes it way to the marsh. Get outside and enjoy!

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Wildlife Sightings April 20-25

Spring continues its slow progression and the birds are moving in with every southern wind. We’ve had some new sightings this week that assure us warmer weather is on the way (despite the cold continuing to cling). Here are some of the sightings that have been reported to us:

  • White-throated Sparrows
  • Ruby & Golden Crowned Kinglets
  • Sora
  • Bitterns
  • Barn Swallows
  • Northern Rough-winged Swallows
  • Black Crowned Night Heron
  • Snipe
  • Black-Necked Stilts

There have also been sightings of some of the first Canada Goose goslings! What a great time to get outdoors and see all this wildlife moving through! Spring flowers are popping up, grasses are greening and birds are singing-what more could you want?


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Wildlife Sightings April 12-15

The Horicon Marsh is getting pretty wild! There is a lot of activity to keep an eye out for when you’re enjoying the great outdoors. Just yesterday we watched Great White Pelicans flying overhead and then saw a flock of Yellow-Headed Blackbirds land in a tree close by. This is a great time to bring your binoculars and a bird book to learn more about our feathered friends. Find a quiet location to just sit and enjoy spring at the marsh. Believe me, you won’t regret taking the time to do it. Just remember to keep practicing social distancing.

The marsh was also abuzz over the weekend as a Surf Scoter made a visit. I was lucky enough to be driving by and just wondering what all the commotion was about! I snapped a quick picture to share with you:

Feel free to follow us on Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) to share your photos! Just use #horiconmarsh or @horiconmarsh to tag us. We’ll see you out on the trails!

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Wildlife Sightings March 31 – April 5

It is getting WILD out on Horicon Marsh. The warm weather throughout this weekend has brought reports flooding in of different birds to be on the lookout for! Ruddy ducks, Cowbirds, Phoebe, Brown Creeper, Pelicans and even a report or two of Purple Martins! Owl chicks have been spotted, too.

The appearance of warmer weather and sunshine is a welcome addition to the trails. Stay safe, practice social distancing and keep on observing wildlife!

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Wildlife Sightings March 24-30

Lots of great movement over the weekend! The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Partnership posted a radar image online showing a great volume of bird movement heading into southern and central Wisconsin-how exciting to track those movements!

Our avid birders have been sending us reports of different movement throughout the week with reports of ducks in full spring plumage! A few varieties that have been mentioned to us: Redhead, Woodduck, Greater and Lesser Scaup, Ringneck, Wigeon, and Goldeneye. Be on the lookout for these dabblers and divers!

Some other sightings of note: Fox Sparrows, Tree Swallows, and Cormorant. Grackles, House Finches nest building and Chickadees excavating tree cavities. Keep an eye on the sky when you get out-you never know what will show up next!

A great resource for referral is this handy check list from the Horicon Marsh Bird Club:

Bird Club Marsh Bird Checklist

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Wildlife Sightings – Week of March 15-21

Spring has sprung! The water on the marsh is about 50% open at this point. Lots of Canada Geese have been coming in over the last week and we’re seeing Sandhill Cranes and Trumpeter Swans as well. Common Mergansers are leading the Duck varieties, with a Ringnecks, Scaup and a sprinkling of Canvasbacks. The International Crane Foundation has confirmed the return of three Whooping Cranes-exciting!

Even though the Center is closed at this time, trails are accessible during daylight hours and the auto tour is open. Get out and get some fresh air!